After controversial Sauti Sol collabo, check out the gorgeous Hawaiian Willy Paul is working with

If you thought Willy Paul’s collabo with secular boy band Sauti Sol was something, then get ready for something bigger.

The controversial gospel superstar has decided to take it a notch higher with drop dead gorgeous Hawaiian songstress Tiana.

Posting a behind the scenes photo on his Instagram, the Take It Slow   hit-maker announced that he was already shooting the music video for their new track.

“International collaboration with Tiana CCBT Music Group recording artist coming soon. She’s Morgan Heritage newest artist! Stay tuned,” he posted.

Most fans expressed anticipation for the new track, with many praising Tiana’s stunning looks.

Little is known about the Morgan Heritage affiliated artiste, but she has been in Nairobi for some time now.

Tiana also shared an image from the music video shoot on her personal Instagram page.

Willy Paul caused a stir online last month when he gave fans a sneak peak of his Sauti Sol collabo.

Baby, najua kweli unataka, hata nami at some point huanga nataka. But nikona BABA ndani ya maishaaaaa….

Saa inabidii niombe nipate self-control,

Kesho tusipatane na ma birth control,

I feel it in my heart I feel it in my sol,

Tukiweka mungu mbele ata take control,

Isiwe story..

Hii mambo ni ngori..

Maisha si movie..

Usijekesho ukasema WHAT!!!

As expected, his gospel purists did not approve of his post. He however, went ahead with the song – delaying the release by a week because of the negative backlash.

“I was threatened that if I release the song, my name would be badly damaged. Then the word of God encouraged me that the good work that the Lord started in me…He will remain faithful to finish it,” he posted.

The song was supposed to go live last week, but the singer says he held back because of the concerns raised by some sections of the industry.

After the long wait, the video is set to go live today, according to his latest post.

“I have made up my mind and I’m not turning back, I’m releasing the video…Whoever wants to put dirt on me can carry on…The God I serve never sleeps,” he wrote.

Well it seems his new attitude is here to stay.

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