After breakup rumours, Idris Sultan posts raw message for Wema Sepetu

While many had thought that the Idris Sultan – Wema Sepetu love affair had fizzled out, Idris has come out in the open prove them wrong.

In a candid and touching social media post, Idriss admitted that though dating the former model has not been easy, his heart still belongs to her.

“We ni kasumbufuuu! Unasusasusa, wivu ndo usiseme… Kugombana hadi kulia, but at the end of the day I will open my arms na utajileta mwenyewe,” Idris posted..

Beside the picture of the gorgeous Wema Sepetu, he acknowledged they have had ups and downs – situations that have brought them closer as a couple.

“I am proud to say the mistakes we have made have not only made us stronger but better, faster, wiser, love too strong, stronger than any of us,” he continued.

Like most couples who have weathered the storms of love, Idris expressed that compromise is key. He concluded his post by saying that having gone through all the drama, they have come out better.

“We have gone through heaven and hell and now you’re my bestfriend, family, wifey, lover you’re my cherry,” he confessed.

Idris and Wema’s relationship has been in the headlines for the last two years, with many questioning whether the two would last.

Things reportedly got serious last year, and this commitment was strengthened when the two decided to start a family.

After a much publicised pregnancy, Wema lost the twins.

This loss rocked the relationship, and Idris was rumored to have sought comfort in the company of other women – a situation that served to sour the relationship between the superstar duo.

It seems that they have made it out of the woods.

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