After being snubbed by Groove Awards, this is what Willy Paul has told Bahati


Kenyan gospel singer Willy Paul has reached out to Bahati, urging the Barua star to record a song with him forthwith – so that they can communicate a message of integration to their fans.

Willy Paul says he and Bahati are gearing themselves to hit the studio – but the process is taking quite long.

“We are currently planning to work on a song together. We want to show the general public that we have no beef between us,” Willy Paul told eDaily.

“I am now, on this public forum, reaching out to Bahati. I urge him we come together, discuss way forward, share ideas on our music and come up with a big gospel hit,” emphasized Willy Paul.

Willy Paul adds their rivalry is now a thing of the past – and points the finger at sections of fans who played a key role in their division.

“I communicated with Bahati two weeks ago. We are in good terms. People just created a rift between us but we have buried the hatchet.”

Jesus came for sinners

Willy Paul, who came under fire for featuring secular boy band Sauti Sol in a new jam dubbed Take It Slow, has defended his action; quoting the Biblical book of Luke 5:32.

“Jesus came for the sinners and not necessarily the righteous. I just employed the same concept in making my decision. The youth are fornicating, abusing drugs, and engaging in all sorts of wicked activities. I needed someone who can take the risk and speak to them. After much thought, I made up my mind to feature Sauti Sol because they have a voice in Kenya’s secular society and I have a voice in the gospel industry,” Willy Paul said.

“The song’s message has been received well by fans who have thanked me for inspiring them,” he added.

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