Actress Wema Sepetu jailed


Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu has been sentenced to one year in jail after she was found guilty of using and being in possession of illegal drugs.

The actress has been given an option of paying a fine of Tsh2 million (Ksh89, 000).

Ms Sepetu’s sentencing was made on Friday, July 20 by Kisutu Resident Magistrate, Thomas Simba.

Wema Sepetu was charged for being in possession of prohibited drugs in February, 2017.

The court set free Ms Sepetu’s co-accused Angelina Msigwa and Matrida Abas.

It was alleged that the three were found in possession of rolls of bhang at Kunduchi Ununio on February 4, 2017.

Wema Sepetu was nabbed smoking bhang during the crackdown.

Wema Sepetu’s lawyer, Albert Msando, says her client won’t serve the jail term since they have “already processed her fine”.

Mr Msando says Wema Sepetu will, henceforth, be an anti-drug ambassador.

The actress’s lawyer says the case dragged in court, for over a year, because Ms Sepetu, unlike fellow artists TID and Petit Man, did not want to admit, from the word go, that she was guilty.

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