Actress Juliet Ibrahim’s advice to cheating women lands her in trouble

Celebrated Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim has landed in trouble with her followers on Instagram after she advised unfaithful women to ditch their partners should they be faced with the dilemma of choosing who – between their lovers or spouses – they would want to be with longer.

“Do not lose a good side nig*a over your boyfriend. If your boyfriend was a good dude, then you wouldn’t need a side nig*a,” Juliet Ibrahim posted on Instagram recently.

Following her social media message, the actress received backlash from online users, who wondered why she would use such a powerful platform to encourage women to embrace “immorality”.

And not the person to take tackles lying down, Ms Ibrahim responded, saying: “Isn’t it funny how it is okay for them [men] to have side chics, but it is not okay for us [women] to have side nig*as? If you are going to chase after me, be ready to be the side nig*a.”

The actress has often attracted controversy; and, in a past Instagram post, she revealed that she once broke up with her cheating boyfriend only to hook up with his father to avenge the heartbreak the young man subjected her to.

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