Ababu Namwamba’s wife gushes about the MP’s response to those questioning where he was during CORD demos


Priscah Ababu Namwamba is a happy wife.

This is after her husband Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba openly put her and their family above any other commitment.

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A father and a husband first, a politician later – that is Ababu Namwamba’s mantra.

The Budalangi lawmaker said he has been looking after his wife, Priscah Namwamba, who gave birth to their baby number three in April, 2016 – hence his conspicuous absence from the CORD demos.

Ababu Namwamba said the commitment that comes with being a new father has made him miss in action during Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) anti-IEBC protests that took place in the capital and other regions in the country for the past five out of six Mondays.

Speaking in parliament on Tuesday, June 7, Ababu Namwamba said he “has been on paternity leave”, therefore his absence from the political arena.

“I have been out and about. We got a baby a month ago. So I have been busy on paternity leave,” Ababu told fellow legislators, adding: “It is purely coincidental that some things happened while I was away.”

Ababu Namwamba and his wife Priscah Namwmba welcomed their third baby on April 1.

Precious gift

And Ababu Namwamba’s response has left his wife with goosebumps.

“Hon Ababu Namwamba, EGH, MP. He is our blessing. Our rock. We love and cherish him. He always puts us FIRST, his incredibly busy lifestyle notwithstanding. He is a living proof that even politicians can have a life. A fulfilling FULL life. Thank you God for this precious gift,” wrote Priscah on Facebook, Tuesday June 7.

She added: “The best dad ever…he has been there for us since the birth of our baby…proving us with care and love that one requires after delivery… sleepless nights, helping to take care of baby, being supportive as I try to deal with my body and mood swings. You’ve done it all…you are a super cool dad. Nimekuinamia my dear.”

While some CORD supporters may argue that Ababu Namwamba was outstandingly missing from the anti-IEBC demos due to his “fence-sitting tendencies”, Ababu refutes the claims.

He however, maintains he shouldn’t be coerced to do things in a certain way simply because the party he is affiliated to does.

“No one can force me to do things that I don’t want or believe in. I only engage in activities that I have faith in,” he said.


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