A Senegalese court fines woman Ksh.25,000 for bribing policeman

Senegalese Police eating ticket/ photo/ courtesy

A Senegalese court on Thursday, August 18, fined a woman over Ksh 25,000 and given her a one-month suspended prison term for paying bribe to a traffic policeman, despite filming him demanding the money, reports BBC Africa.

The short video footage, which has since gone viral on social media, shows the officer writing out a ticket, that he confiscates after a bribe equivalent of Ksh 500 is paid.

It is alleged that the woman, Sokhna Bousso Gaye, and her friend, were driving through the capital, Dakar, last month when they were stopped for traffic violation.

The clip shows the officer, Assane Diallo, saying he is going to fine them up to an equivalent of Ksh 1000 for committing traffic offence, which they would pay at a police station even though he ends up accepting Ksh 500 before ‘eating’ the write out.

It is reported that the clip led to the policeman’s prosecution – a rare occurrence in Senegal.

He was also fined Ksh 25,000 and given a two-month suspended sentence.

The other woman in the car was arrested Wednesday, August 17, and also faces corruption charges.

The power of social media has recently been eminent in highlighting corruption and anti-social behavior.

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