A section of Tanzanians vow to confront Muhando the moment she sets foot in the country


Just a week after she was discharged from a Kenyan hospital, Tanzanian gospel musician Rose Muhando is on the news headlines again.

This time around, a section of Tanzanian nationals threatening to take action against her should she not refund the money she owes them.

An informant, who spoke to Tanzania’s Amani newspaper, says the persons owed money by the gospel artiste have vowed to confront her the moment she sets foot in the country.

“They said the moment she will arrive in Tanzania, they will get hold of her and demand their money. They couldn’t wait for her to be discharged from hospital,” said the source.

The informant claimed the money lenders filed reports at different agencies, including the police and the gospel musicians’ governing body.

It remains unknown the total amount of money Rose Muhando allegedly owes her lenders.

The secretary of the Tanzanian musicians’ gospel governing body, Stella Joel, confirmed that several people had reported to the agency that the gospel artiste took money from them under the pretext that she would perform at their shows, but she ended up not showing up.

“The victims alerted us that they would demand their money from her the moment she lands in Tanzania. I urge Rose not to relapse to the troubles that caused her hospitalisation,” said Joel, promising to resolve the singer’s debt woes amicably.

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