A Ferrari for Akothee; just for being pregnant


Wealthy Kenyan singer Esther Akoth, better known as Akothee, has been bought a brand new Ferrari by her fiancé – just for being pregnant.

Akothee, who is expectant with her sixth child, shared a picture of herself posing in front of a red Ferrari in Johannesburg, South Africa on Saturday, thanking her fiancé for the “toy”.

“Have a look at the toy that I drive in when going to clinic. This kid has come with a lot of blessings. May God reward you my man. Thank you so much. #BillionaireToys. Work on the documents so that I can park it at Rongo in Migori County. We would drive to Rakwaro clinic where the unborn baby’s sisters were brought to birth. The last time I checked, the hospital charged KSh50 for antenatal services,” Akothee wrote on Instagram.

Akothee broke the news of her pregnancy last week with a photograph of herself in the hospital getting an ultrasound.

“Let us see who is making mum have sleepless nights. You asked about my whereabouts. I have attended antenatal at a clinic. My king’s kid has a special doctor,” she posted on Instagram.


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