9 ways to know your campus girl is cheating

Unlike previous times when having a sugar daddies was largely frowned upon, young people are now openly looking for “sponsors” PHOTO/COURTESY

Dating in campus is a catastrophe. I stand in great awe of people who met in campus, swam in its murky waters and ended up marrying – you are heroes of our age.

If you are a campus stud who thinks you are on top of your game, juggling girls all over the campus, you might be the one who is getting played. How to know? Read on.

She saved you as?

How your girl has saved you on her phone says a lot about your position in her life. Being simply saved as ‘Brian’ or ‘Mike’ can point to some serious trouble. Hell some girls have been known to save their ‘boyfriends’ as ‘Rent’ or ‘Free food’. Be sure to take note of the sobriquets you are given.

Scheduled chats.

She tells you she is going to sleep at nine every day. We both know no campus girl sleeps at nine every day. The truth is, boyfriend number two starts chatting at 9, so sit in line and wait.

She goes to ‘see her parents’ every weekend…

…and never receives texts and calls in her parents’ house. Honey, ring the alarm.

Never wants to be seen in public with you

You should thank her for this, she is trying to save you from getting beaten up by her other boyfriends.

You do not know her friends

Why would she bother, you are not her main! Plus she has probably introduced a billion boyfriends to her friends that her friends are getting tired.

She gets to say where you meet and when

Nah, you are not dating an assertive girl. She is just fitting you in her busy cheating schedule.

She is emotionally unavailable

A girl in love will get jealous at the smallest provocation, act possessive, will be laden with feelings – it is just the way of love. So, if she does not seem to mind your female company, you are replaceable and dispensable.

Never lovey-dovey

Again, a girl in love will not go easy on cheesy love stuff. If your conversation with her is free of doses of ‘darlings’ ‘baby’ and ‘honey’, who are you to her, her brother? Plus the cleaner the conversation, the easier it is to defend herself when her other boyfriend bumps into your chats.


Change signals plenty of things. When your girl changes her way of doing things, something is definitely up. The problem with men is that you are so bad at noticing change. If she is cheating, something will definitely change to accommodate her cheating.  A sudden obsession with her hair; or looks; or dressing style? Kissing or hugging style? Where did she learn that trick from? Change in the way she talks to you? Is she curt? Defensive? Change in time? Change is the keyword.



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