9 things you should never say to a woman

Women are beautiful. We live with them, we live for them and we are brought to life by them – they are such an integral facet in society.

When we (men), get into intimate relationships with them, we love; enjoy the feeling; the experience, the journey. However, no relationship is immune to issues; but regardless the element for fall out, there are certain statements we should never tell the women we love.

“My Ex…”

There’s no right way to finish that sentence, even if you were going to slam a past girlfriend. She wants you to forget every other woman you’ve dated. Remember, when you accepted to date her, it was a new union that vowed to concentrate on the future and – not previous relationships.

“That’s Your Mother Talking.”

Comparing her to her mother, especially in a negative light, is the height of stupidity. That’s a very complicated relationship, and you don’t know anything about it. There is no parent closer to the heart of any man or woman than the mother – and when you want to smell blood, try telling her that she behaves like her mother.

“I Don’t Care.”

If she’s asking for your opinion, give one. Telling her you don’t care what movie you see or what you want to eat is like telling her you’re not interested in contributing to the relationship. And that her presence, suggestion or criticism does not move you an inch – and that would loosely mean, her existence in your life is insignificant. No woman wants to feel useless in a man’s life.

“You Should Ask My Mom How To Cook.”

Yes, as man I know that no woman cooks better than my mother – but hey, I wouldn’t tell my girlfriend to cook like my mum because: one: she wasn’t brought up by my mother, two: people, especially women, are exposed to different methods of cooking, three: people have different preferences. So, you better shut up and eat that which she cooks you – so long as it is edible. But you can suggest on how to make her cooking better; buy her recipe magazines, cook with her.

Have you gained weight?

Women, especially of today’s generation, are dealing with weight issues due to lifestyle changes. She probably knows she is weighty, and is doing sit-ups, running every morning to get rid of that extra chunk. But her efforts are seemingly not paying off. If you want her leaner, hit the gym with her, diet with her; remind her she has the most amazing body that you’d choose any time of day or night. Believe you me, you will see her shed that extra weight without even knowing.

“Honey, ‘irregardless’ isn’t a word.”

When you correct your partner in public, especially around others, you slap a fat social dunce cap on her. The consequences will come in three waves: first, she’ll be embarrassed and suddenly quiet; next, she’ll stew for the rest of the evening, effectively destroying the mood at your gathering; third, your ears will spontaneously start hemorrhaging the moment you get home.

“You are smart for a girl.”

Who said women should not be smart? Actually, in this attempt to make her look smart, you come across as an unwise and reckless man. Simply tell her: “I would not trade your wisdom for anything.”

“Your sister is so hot!”

Yes, your partner’s younger sister is attractive. We know. But if you are not ready for blood, never say the above words to her. They’ll break her heart – and you will come across as a randy, immature, reckless man. You will lose her – and worse still, you will not get the “hot” sister you were mesmerised about.

“You have a really pretty face.”

Flatter her for her brains, heart, and character – not face. If you are to tell her she is attractive, use the word: ‘beautiful’. It is more holistic.




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