80 years in prison for man who raped two sisters


A 67-year-old man has been sentenced to 80 years in prison for defiling two female minors, aged seven and five, in Kithimu Village in Embu West Sub-County.

John Njiru Njue, who was on Tuesday found guilty of two charges leveled against him, was sent sentenced to 80 years in prison by Senior Resident Magistrate Vincent Nyakundi.

The court heard that Njue, on June 23, 2015, at Kithumu Village, intentionally and unlawfully caused his genital organ to penetrate the genital organs of 7-year-old girl.

The court further heard that on the same day, within the same village, Njue caused his organs to penetrate the genital organ of a 5-year-old-girl, who was his first victim’s sister.

The prosecution produced seven witnesses, who testified against Njue in the case.

The court heard that on the material day, the girls’ mother left them under the care of their aunt, since she was rushing to work.

The girls’ aunt, thereafter, allowed them to go out and play.

When playing, the two girls walked into a shamba belonging to the accused, who was working on his farm at the time.

The man left for his house on spotting the girls at 2pm. He, thereafter, lured them into his house and sexually assaulted them before returning to his farm 5pm.

A witness told the court that when the two girls were taking a bath, they would squirm and wince in pain, prompting their mother to enquire why they were behaving in such a manner.

It is then that they revealed that they had been raped by Njue.

The two girls led their mother and other villagers to the shamba of the accused, where they found him working.

Police were called in to arrest Njue.

While giving the verdict, Magistrate Nyakundi said that the prosecution had proven beyond reasonable doubt that the accused had committed the offense.

Magistrate Nyakundi said the witnesses corroborated their statements and evidence.

Magistrate Nyakundi found the accused guilty of raping the minors and sentenced him to 80 years in jail, 40 for each charge.



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