70-year-old woman speaks on what led to her split from 19-year-old lover


Seventy (70)-year-old Swedish woman, Lisa Larsson, says she dumped her 19-year-old Ugandan lover, Aziz Mawanda, after realising that he was bent on impoverishing her.

Ms Larsson’s claim comes after Mr Mawanda took to the media to appeal for financial assistance from his countrymen, claiming the 70-year-old woman, whom he was financially depending on, dumped him.

Mr Mawanda said he has been sleeping hungry after running out of finances. The teenager further claimed he is suffering from a disease which manifests symptoms similar to elephantiasis.

Mr Mawanda said he is currently staying in a 6-bedroom house in Munyonyo, Kampala. The teenager revealed that the house was acquired by his lover, and she was to spend the 2017 festive season with him, but failed to show up.

“I live in a big house with no food,” he said.

“Lisa had settled full year house rent, and now that December is quickly coming to an end, I fear I would be homeless in the next couple of days,” added Mr Mawanda.

“I plead for forgiveness from anyone who was offended by my actions. Head of Imams in Uganda Sheikh Nuhu Batte Muzaata called me out sometime back for dating an elderly woman, but I despised him. I now ask for his forgiveness,” said the 19-year-old.

Ms Larsson now says she dumped Mr Mawanda after realising that he was not after her heart, but money.

“I am not in any relationship with Aziz currently. He only wanted my money. Aziz has a girlfriend whose name is Ritah. He has a mental problem. He had detained me in Uganda for one-and-a-half months, and told Ritah that he was going to kill me, and thereafter eat (sic) my money with his friends. I will take this boy to court,” Ms Larsson wrote on Facebook, commenting on a December 29 story shared on Citizen TV Kenya social media page.

Mr Mawanda is reportedly battling drug addiction. He has advised young men against falling for the allure of easy money that comes with dating wealthy sugar mummies.

“I’d urge the young generation to pursue education to the highest levels they can. There are no effective short cuts in life,” he said.

Mr Mawanda is now contemplating traveling to South Africa “to make ends meet”.

Lisa Larsson hit the news headlines in August, 2015, when it emerged that she was dating then-28-year-old Ugandan singer Guvnor Ace. The two went separate ways in February, 2016.



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