7 guidelines on how best to wear your lipstick

A lipstick: You can’t miss it in a girl’s handbag; it is like the diamond, so precious. Lipstick can make you walk taller, reduce stress, and even bring people together. It can easily complete a makeup look, an outfit, and even a mood.

But a lot of times, a simple lipstick mistake can also ruin a makeup look, or an outfit; especially if the wrong shade is applied or the right shade isn’t applied properly.

Most ladies prefer bolder shades; they are better. But for some reason, wearing lipstick, especially in brighter or darker hues, comes with a stigma of trying too hard.

But if a more neutral colour starts to wear off, it won’t appear as patchy as a darker shade would against the natural colour of your lips.

Regardless your colour or formula preference, here are some tips to get the most out of your lipstick:

Hydrate your lips

Hydrated lips will help with a smoother application while also making your lipstick more comfortable to wear. If you have a drying formula, it won’t take as much of toll on your lips if you’re properly prepared. As much of an exercise, drink plenty of water.

Delaminate the lips

Lipstick will not apply as smoothly and evenly, nor will it last as long on dry or cracked lips. Prepare your lips for application by exfoliating with a toothbrush. Scrubbing the lips will remove all the dead cells and soften the lip.

Lining your lips

Using a lip liner is important for varied reasons. First is that it keeps lipstick from bleeding outside the lines of your lips. By applying it all over the lips can also help make your lipstick last longer by giving it something to stick to. Nonetheless, using a liner that is slightly darker than your lipstick can give flattering dimension to the lips.

Use the right shade

Lipsticks have undertones. If yours don’t match, it won’t be as flattering as a shade that matches your undertone.  Dark lipstick makes lips appear thinner while lighter lipsticks can make lips appear fuller. If you don’t want your lips to look thinner than they already are, shy away from the vampy hues. If you don’t want your lips to look fuller than they already are, pick darker nudes.

Do not wear too much gloss

You don’t need to apply gloss all over your lips. Just add a dab to the center of the lips to enhance their natural shape and add a hint of shine. Gloss tends to slide off after an hour or so, and it can drag your lip colour right down with it. Also set your lips appropriately.

Remember to protect your teeth

Lipstick on teeth is not cute. Prevent this from happening by putting a finger in your mouth, lightly closing your lips around it, and slowly pulling it out. Any lipstick on your finger is the lipstick that could’ve ended up on your teeth.

Take your lipstick with you

You never know when you’ll need to touch up, and you almost inevitably will. Make sure you carry the lipstick you used with you when you leave. While on your outs, don’t be afraid to ask a lipstick enthusiast or one that attracts your eyes what she’s wearing. We don’t just love buying and wearing lipsticks; we also love talking about them.


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