6 sure ways to show you love her( that will cost you nothing)

It’s a known fact that men quiver in their boots when they hear a woman say ” you don’t take me out anymore,” and as well they should!
Taking a girl out most of the time means spending a months rent on food that after the date you will go home to eat half a kilogramme of ugali and mrenda because you did not ‘feel where it went’.
But showing the woman of your life that you love her needn’t be an expensive affair.
Below are a few things that make women go weak in the knees that will not cost you a thing:
1.  Write her  a letter
There used to be a time that love letters were the only way lovers could communicate. Technology has made this treasure a thing of the past, sadly.  These days if two people in a relationship fight, they delete all the sweet texts they shared over two months. What a loss!
There is also very little room for expressing love creatively with words in a text or WhatsApp message, try writing her a letter she will treasure for years to come.  Use your handwriting and fancy stationary.  Put some effort into it, it will be valued more than a pair of earrings.
Sample this excerpt of a love letter penned by former US president the late Ronald Reagan:
“I more than love you, I am not whole without you.  You are life itself to me. When you are gone I’m waiting for you to return so I can start living again.”
Now imagine the smile on your girl when she reads such a line…
2.  Play with her hair
There is something about playing with a girl’s hair that makes her weak in the knees. Especially when you do it mindlessly.
But be sure not to ruin her expensive do, or to pull the wig off.  Approach this operation with caution.
3.  Tell her your favourite things about her
Everyone loves a compliment, especially when made sincerely.  Tell your girl that you love how she brightens up the room with her smile, or that you love how she cooks, or that her personality is amazing.  Tell her she is smart, sweet and has a good heart, but be sure it is true.
Compliment her looks without sounding too team mafisi.
4.  Cook her a favourite meal
It doesn’t matter how bad you are at cooking, it’s the effort that counts; in fact, the worse the food the better.
Cooking for her will make her feel special. If you have children, it’s good to let her sleep in as you make an attempt at breakfast, she will thank you.
Eating out is another option, but cooking is cheaper, make your pick.
5.  Tell her about your future plans, especially if they include her
If you are still dating, drop hints that you see a future with her.  Show her that you can see her with you in the long run; it gives her confidence and security to know you are there forever.
Share with her your own future plans, it shows her she is trusted and loved. Money can’t buy that feeling.
6. A little PDA, not too much to make people uncomfortable
Show her off to your friends.  reach out to hold her hand in public, give her a warm hug from time to time when you’re hanging out with your friends.
Sit on the same side of the table, peck her on her cheek, you know, the kind of public display of affection (PDA) Obama does that melts our hearts.
Avoid full-tongue kisses in front of company, save it for your private place.
Which reminds me; Don’t do those disgusting kisses on your wedding day as well.
Go on now and be romantic!

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