6 Shower habits that might be ruining your skin

Nothing feels good than a long, hot shower at the end of a tough day. That sprinkling of clean water and a refreshed feeling right out of the shower is almost magical.

However, showers aren’t quite as simple as wash, rinse, and get out, but your luxurious soak may be doing more harm than good.

Our skin requires a delicate balance of bacteria, a healthy dose of moisture and a gentle touch. To achieve a soft, smooth and healthy skin, you should shun from bad shower habits.

Here are some of the regular shower habits that might be ruining your skin.

Using hot water

Who doesn’t love a steamy soak after a long day? A steamy shower may feel like your own relaxing sauna, but in real sense, hot water can have a serious drying effect by removing too much oil from your skin. Hot water strips the skins protective layer causing dry off leading to skin itch, inflammation and peeling.

Too much time in the shower

We all love singing in the shower, but you may want to hold off on multiple bathroom encores. Keep your shower as short as possible, maybe five minutes, to avoid the moisture being taken out of your skin. Going a day without bathing seem gross but, as well, daily showers can cause dryness and irritation, and it may wash away the good bacteria that are naturally healthy for your skin.

Leaving your makeup on

We’re probably all guilty of jumping in the shower before removing the day’s makeup. You are supposed to step into the shower makeup-free so your cosmetics especially non-waterproof like mascara, don’t run into your eyes and irritate them. Wash your makeup off first before getting into the shower.

Check your soap

Sure, it smells wonderful, but that aromatic pink body wash probably isn’t your best bet. Try to avoid antibacterial soaps, as these can be very drying. Look for more gentle, hydrating and natural bar soaps.

Using dirty washcloth/towel

I know you’re still using your last year’s towels, which is wrong. Use freshly laundered washcloth each time you shower and be sure to replace it every four weeks to avoid any bacteria buildup. Do not leave washcloth in a humid bathroom, let it dry out before the next use.

Moisturising after your shower

Apply lotion immediately or even before you get out of the shower to achieve a soft body skin. If your skin is already as dry, you should consider setting up a humidifier in your room to keep your skin sufficiently moisturised.

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