5 ways you can protect yourself from embarrassing, unwanted screen-shots

Picture this: You take your mobile phone, say ‘hello’ to your close confidant who is online, he replies; and the conversation gradually becomes kinkier.

You have his trust – and you open up about how curvy your boss is, and how much an object of fantasy she is to you. Mark you; you have a wife at home. He leads you on, and tells you how much – probably – she would love to be with you.

You get excited – and tell him all the nasty things you wish you would do when given the opportunity. Your wife doesn’t know what you do behind your phone keypads; your children that time run toward you and call you ‘daddy’.

But, you just cheated – not based on actions, but thoughts – and you articulated those thoughts; they are now real.

One day, you fall out with your crony; and he blackmails to release on social media the screenshots of your ‘wicked’ conversation. What will you do?

Well, this happened to a ninja last week, and social media could not cope – as he claimed that a top media personality drools for him.

I am not sure if his job is intact – but I highly doubt.

Put short, these are the apps one can consider using to protect themselves from unwanted screenshots:

The Privates App

This app takes away social media nightmares by offering you protective features against people who might wish to screenshot a text or video you have sent to them. It also permits one to delete messages already sent on the phone of the receiver and that of the sender.

BBM’S ‘Private Chat’

This blackberry app is designed for Blackberry 10, Android and iOS. It strips out the names and pictures from a conversation. This comes in handy in that if one takes a screenshot of a certain conversation they can’t tell who said what.

Confide App– This app protects your conversations from being screen-shot. One can only view a portion of words, photos and document received.

Only a portion under your finger is visible after which it disappears.

Digify App

This app is a safe way of sending confidential information. It allows you control to files even after sending them. This offers screen-shot protection to documents as the screenshot option is disabled on devices.

Dat Chat Privacy Messenger

This app allows you to completely delete both sides of a conversation on the sender and the recipient’s phone. It leaves no proof that the conversation even took place.

However, it is limited to only iPhones and iPads.

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