5 ways to let him know you like him…without being too obvious

Back in the day, a lady was supposed to sit and wait for Prince Charming to see her and make the first move.

In the 21st century, girls are changing the script, abandoning traditional dating rules where ladies were to be the pursued – not the pursuers

But is this trend healthy? Reverend Ken Aringo, an ordained Anglican family minister, thinks not.

“It is not right for a woman to chase after a man. It is simply not African. It is like a cat chasing a dog. Women should wait to be approached,” Aringo said.

So what is a girl to do?

Speaking exclusively to eDaily, Ken Arigo gave the following suggestions:


Compliments go a long way to not only ascertain that you believe in a person, but also that you are fond of them.

By complementing him on his dressing, grooming, professional successes and such things, you will subtly let him know that he is special to you.


Reverend Aringo explains that men are visual creatures, so a lady can catch a man’s eye by dressing exceptionally well when she is in his presence.

Dressing well, however, does not mean wearing revealing clothing. One can be decent and stunning at the same time.

Hanging around 

When a girl likes a boy she will most definitely always want to spend a lot of time around him.

This provides an opportune time for her to know the guy well and tell him all about herself.

However, it is important to not be suffocating; do not make it too obvious.

Laughing at jokes

A guy wants a girl who will laugh at his jokes; the fact that she finds him fascinating is a major ego boost.

This does not, however, mean that you should feign humor where there is none.

Non-verbal cues

Simple things like the way we face people when we talk to them can reveal if we really like someone.

Maintain eye contact when you are speaking to him, and make sure your body language is friendly.

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