5 ways of dealing with hectic Mondays


And when the alarm rings, one time, two times… “Oooh, Lord! It’s Monday again…” Mondays are hard. We wake up late and we’re tired, very tired. But we need to wake up. Mondays sometimes seem pathetic.

Dealing with Mondays may be stressful. It’s not yet mid-week and you’ve spent more on breakfast, snacks and other miscellaneous. People cry over and over of Mondays but you can’t escape it. Mondays are there to stay.

How then can you deal with Mondays? For you to work smart on Mondays you need to consider these:

Plan your days well, be organized

Have time or a day on the weekend to do cleanliness. According to your preference, make the day to be your get-sorted day. The week ahead is obviously super busy; so, you need to ensure everything is clean and super tidy. That way, when you get up early Monday, everything is where it needs to be. It won’t stress you to locate the day’s attire and whatever supplements you need.

Own the morning

Get your clothes ready the night before. It takes the rush out of it in the morning. As soon as you get up, make the bed and it would strangely pull your life together. Make a pour over coffee. It’s a methodical process that would stop you from rushing even if you’re that late. Also, start the day with exercise. It would make you feel better and get you super energetic for the week ahead.

Motivate yourself

Choose and put on something that makes you feel good. Bright colours and mismatched prints are always fun. Have the right makeup; it hides a hangover from your boss. A flawless face doesn’t just help you make your mark in the workplace; it gives you the confidence to deal with whatever the day throws at you. If you’re feeling unmotivated remember why you have to do what you have to do. Being a pro or having a white-collar job doesn’t make Monday’s any easier, but if you keep coming back to why you got there, it helps to keep you on the right track.

Don’t think of to-do lists

If you have a to-do list, the more you think about it, list it, the longer it will take. The trick is you get a task or know you need something finalised, just do it, then and there. Do not be the person with the mentality of, ‘when I get to it’, or ‘I’ll do it later’ – it’s the quickest way to drown in your workload. Be sure to clean all your inbox, emails and other works of the day. The more organised you are, the easier it is to stay in control and on top of things.

Plan for the day well

It is easy to make Mondays your favourite day of the week. Imagine the feeling of having the entire week to kick off some goals! Strategise well. Attend meetings; be on time not to be left out of the page. Prioritise the most important and have a good time setting for every task. Having a perfectly structured day will push you to stay on top of everything.

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