5 signs that he’s with you only for the money…No 4 is the surefire sign

Gone are the days where the term “gold digger” was used in reference to women alone. Now, men are also dating for financial benefits.

So how do you tell of the man you’re with is interested in you? How can you can you spot money hogs? Here are some telltale signs:

  1. His face comes to life when talking about expensive things

Observe their facial expressions when they are talking of expensive things such as gifts, cars and restaurants. Does he light up and give you special attention at the mention of expensive gifts and treats?

If he becomes increasingly excited or attentive when money of pricey trinkets are on the table, then he might be with you for the money.

  1. He does not bother about your family

A gold digger has absolutely no interest in finding who your family members are. They avoid been with you in family function or even talking to your relatives over the phone.

A person who genuinely cares for you will care about the people who are important to you; a person who is you for the benefits will just want the bare minimum.

  1. He pays for almost everything….in the beginning

In the initial stages of dating, it is very hard to tell if the guy is a gold digger. This is because he will pay for the dinners and movies until you are hooked and interested.

Since he will want you to dish out your cash later in the relationship, he wants to set precedent by paying for things. That way, he can capitalise4 on the principle of reciprocity.

  1. Their patience will run out if you get broke

That person who really loves you will not vanish instantly if you tell them you are broke; they like you for you – not for what they can get out of you.

Not sure if your man is a fortune hunter? Tell him you are broke and watch if he sticks around. A guy who sticks around through the supposed ‘financial storm’ is a keeper.

  1. He lacks career aspirations

The thought of advancing his career never crosses his mind even if he has the capability and the means are within his reach. Why have ambition when he can mooch off you?

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