5 reasons why a section of Kenyans love Nyashinski’s new hit Aminia

Kenyan rapper Nyashinski dropped two hit songs in a day, Aminia and Malaika and this strategy has paid off.

Kenyans have responded positively to the song Aminia for many reasons. Here are five reasons why the song has impressed a section of Kenyans.

Lone wolf

Because Nyanshinski does not believe he has to be backed up by other musicians or video entourage to make a point with his music, he is alone in the video. All he has is talent and we can’t get enough!

No booty-shaking

Say no to twerk.

Hip hop has conveniently made booty cliche. Hip hop artistes have bought into the shake-what-your-mama-gave-ya vibe and are now under the impression that it is not hip hop if a girl is not twerking in it. Nyash has changed the narrative and seems to be implying that contrary to popular belief, booty does not run hip hop.

Parental advisory

Some weird person told hip hop artistes that curse words are the yardstick for proper hip hop songs, but Nyashinski is not listening to that person. Here is hip hop we can finally (and thankfully) listen in the presence of our mothers without blushing all shades of scarlet. Someone say Amen?

Has a message of hope

Once hip hop artistes establish they have become big, they forget where they come from and forget to raise and encourage upcoming musicians. Nyash does not drink from that creek. His Aminia lyrics are a clear message to youngsters who may like to pursue music to follow their passion and that it will pay off.

Made in Kenya for Kenyans

It is good to get inspiration from Western hip hop musicians, that is how people grow. But don’t you think sometimes our artistes go way too far, such that they are immersed in a culture that is not even their own? Nyash is here to save the day, that old, authentic Kenyan feel to music? It is in Aminia, absolutely Made in Kenya for Kenyans. (Did someone say Sarkodie?)



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