5 men in Eldoret Prison plead for transfer because homosexuals are ‘terrorising’ them


Five detainees in Eldoret Prison have pleaded to be transferred from the correctional facility because “other male convicts are pestering them for homosexual sex”.

Eldoret Senior Principal Magistrate, Harrison Barasa, ordered the prison’s administration to investigate the detainees’ claims — that there are rampant homosexual activities going on in the detention centre.

The men – said to be around 18 years old and below – are being detained at Eldoret Prison after they were arraigned on allegations of committing different criminal activities.

According to the men, other convicts often approach them at night for anal sex, advances, which they say, they are not comfortable entertaining.

Senior Principal Magistrate Barasa ordered that the men be taken to hospital to establish whether they were sexually penetrated.

Barasa also ordered that an age assessment exercise be conducted on the men so as to establish whether they would be transferred to a juvenile correctional facility as they wait for their cases to be resolved.

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