15 must-see Lamu Food Festival photos…number 8 will give you hunger pangs

Have you ever seen #InstaFood so good you want to hate the person that took it?

Well, that was the feeling you’d get looking at the images of the recently concluded Lamu Food Festival – the second chapter of the annual event aimed at celebrating Swahili cuisine and culture.

Hosting tourists and food bloggers, Lamu County aimed to showcase their unique culinary heritage in a number of creative activities.

“We set out to celebrate and preserve Lamu’s unique culinary heritage, and we achieved it. The festival had over 1000 participants, with over 200 of them being tourists. We also had 150 students competing in the Hunger Games – a series of fun food-related contests aimed at passing down our culinary tradition” said Samia Omar, Lamu County’s Tourism Minister.

Guests were treated to a wide array of activities from tours of the Islands’ thousand-year historical sites, sunsets dhow rides, water sports, late night fishing trips, cooking lessons and musical performances.

Check out some of the amazing Instagram moments below.

#Slurp! Can I have some more please?

For the love of food! Nairobians #DiscoverLamu

The food festival also brought some of Nairobi’s top foodies and social media personalities down to the coastal town.

With donkeys being the primary means of transport, Stephen “Syoks” Mutua decided to take a selfie with the “Puber” (Punda+Uber).

Cooking Swahili dishes

In addition to sightseeing and feasting on Swahili food, guests also got practical cooking lessons and recipes.

So how come Swahili food is so mouthwatering?

“Swahili food is special because it is a fusion of many cultural influences. Every people group that traded with our ancestors over the past thousand years left aspects of their culture behind, and that is seen in our cuisine,” explained Bi Zeinab at one of the cooking classes.

Breathtaking views and Sunset dhow cruises

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