13-year-old girl who’d gone missing from home arrested for impersonation at hospital

Police in Rongo, Migori County have arrested two people, one of them a 13-year-old girl, for allegedly using false names and identification cards to receive treatment using NHIF card at the Kisii Level Five Hospital.

The teenager had gone missing from her parents’ home in Kabuoch, Homa Bay County two months ago.

Rongo OCPD Kisaka Muganda said the girl, who had been hospitalised at the facility, and the other suspect identified as Elly Odira were processing the discharge summary, when the management realised that they were using Identity Cards (ID) and National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) card which belonged to a person they were not related to.

Mr Kisaka said the minor was admitted to the facility as Naomi Awuor aged 26, and was set for discharge on January 4.

“The hospital management noticed a discrepancy between the girl’s looks and the age documented on the ID card she’d presented,” said Mr Kisaka.

The Rongo police boss said the other suspect, who went to pick up the girl from hospital, presented ID and NHIF cards which belonged to a different person; not related to the minor.

Mr Kisaka said they managed to get in touch with the minor’s father, who revealed that his daughter went missing from home in October, 2017.

“We have been looking for her since she went missing,” said the girl’s father, who was shocked by the turn of events.

Mr Kisaka said they have found the owner of the ID and NHIF cards presented at Kisii Hospital by the male suspect.

“He is expected to record a statement with the police to explain how his ID and NHIF cards were being used to settle hospital bill for a minor who had gone missing,” said the Rongo police boss.


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