Women wearing miniskirts will be arrested and prosecuted, says Tanzania police

Police officers in Tanzania are on the hunt for women wearing short outfits, eDaily has learnt.

According to Arusha Regional Police Commander, Charles Mkumbo, women found to be wearing revealing skirts and dresses will be arrested, taken to court and prosecuted.

Mr. Mkumbo was speaking to journalists at his office while releasing the 2017 Tanzania safety report.

Mkumbo said there has been a recent wave of a number of women in the country dressing scantily, in contract to the Tanzanian law.

Mkumbo warned Tanzanian women from copying traditions of the West as they only put on such short outfits due to the nature of the weather conditions in their countries.

He further added that they (the police force) were officially launching a manhunt and individuals found wearing such scanty outfits will be arrested and taken to law courts without being offered a change of clothes.

This, Mkumbo says, will be so that they be seen by their fellow brothers and sisters and to act as a warning to them.

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