How Betty Kyallo learned to deal with trolls


Betty Kyallo, KTN news anchor and businesswoman has had her fair share of cyber bullying from Kenyans.

After her high profile divorce from NTV’s Dennis Okari in 2016, Kenyans were quick to put the blame on her before getting the whole story.

Many accused her of infidelity with Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho and while she tried to ignore the rumours, she realised that she had to tell her side of the story.

But even that did little to stop the rumour mills on social media; a platform on which she has a major following. She could just say “Today is a good day” and bam, a troll would show up and link that to Joho. She blocked a few people but realised that was not helping her cause for peace of mind and her quest to move on.

So she came up with a brilliant strategy off the “How to deal with trolls for dummies” book. Take them head on, clapback when they get out of line and the best of them all, laugh at most of the posts that would have otherwise angered her.

Since the beginning of the year Betty’s twitter followers have been shocked and impressed at how she has been handling different questions and remarks thrown her way.

One particular thread that went viral was her response to a Twitter follower asking about her favorite governor.

Her response of “cheza chini boss” has seemed to earn her massive points with Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) and is probably the best way to turn around an otherwise ugly situation.

In addition to her witty remarks concerning her past drama, Betty is showing her followers her  fun and outgoing side. This year it seems she has decided to take the bull by the horns and be in control of all situations where social media is concerned.

One avid twitter follower has taken note of the same and congratulated her for portraying a jovial ambiance.

Whether this new attitude of hers is a new year resolution is subject to speculation but what can be seen is that she is not letting anything bring her down.

Trolls should now definitely think twice before going after Betty Kyallo because the joke might just turn out to be on them!

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