Is drinking cold water healthy?

cold water

Refrigerators were originally invented to store food and keep it edible over a longer time. They were created to minimize the impact of the outside climate on food. When refrigerators were invented and were getting widely advertised, drinking water became a commercial product in the form of cold bottled water, and the consumer perception changed. Cold water sure feels refreshing, but do you know that it may be harming your body chronically?

Today it is common for the people to drink cold water at home and also in restaurants. We need to take charge of our health and listen to your body and provide it with its natural needs.


How Cold Water Harm Your Body.

  1. Your Blood Vessels Shrink:

When you drink cold water it shrinks your blood vessels because it is the nature of the cold temperature. Because of that blood circulation in your body slows down.

It leads to the improper blood supply to the various organs of the body. It is like making your body a stagnant water pond. Because of shrunk blood vessels chances of blockages in arteries increases, which is not good for people with high cholesterol level.

  1. Interference With Digestion:

Drinking chilled water leads to severe constipation. Cold water shrinks your large intestine causing various other complications related to constipation and indigestion. Just think about it, if cold water can make your large intestine shrink, how it could be affecting your overall health?

  1. Danger Of Organ Failure:

When you drink chilled water it suddenly drops down the normal temperature of your stomach. At that temperature, it is very difficult for your stomach to digest the food. As a result, stomach starts to raise the temperature of the water and bring it to the normal body temperature. To do this, stomach requires an excess amount of energy that comes from your blood.

This causes blood from the other parts of the body to move towards the stomach, which causes a shortage of blood supply to other organs. If this process continues like this multiple times every day, it might cause failure of those organs at some point in future.

  1. Makes You Fat!

If you drink cold water with your food or immediately after eating food, the water’s cold temperature solidifies fats from the foods you have just eaten. The body, in turn, finds it hard to digest the unwanted fats from your food. Ultimately body stores that undigested fat in the various parts of our body.

  1. Reduces Your Immunity:

Cold water interferes with the natural absorption of the nutrients inside the body, which ultimately makes body nutrient deficient and reduces our immunity.Chances of getting a sore throat and other viral infections increases.

Some people say that when you drink cold water it requires more energy to digest it and so it burns more calories. But it is very unnatural to force our digestive system to work hard.

We should always make things as easy as we can for our body then only it will function properly for a longer period of the time.

Once you get into the habit of drinking water at room temperature or warm, you will notice a dramatic improvement in your digestion and the way your body feels while eating and after the meal.

So the next time someone offers you a glass of chilled water, just say NO!

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