Unmasking singer Phy in candid interview


Catching the entertainment scene by storm when she won Maisha Superstar in 2015, versatile Phy is quickly gaining traction as one of East Africa’s most promising new talents.

Though she started gaining recognition following her legendary win, the 24-year-old Nairobi University Real Estate Management student has been earning her stripes in Nairobi’s underground music scene for over four years.

Phy’s stop track is Taboo – a sultry ballad that narrates the tale of a woman who is struggling with infidelity.

eDaily sat with her to chat about her career and her love life.

EDAILY: Tell us about your hit track titled Taboo; was it based on a personal experience?

PHY: Taboo was actually based on personal experience. I was dating someone in the past but I was a bit of confused. Someone can be in a very committed relationship and still find other people interesting.

EDAILY: Are you dating?

PHY: I am seeing someone. Our relationship is turning 5 years in July. So yeah! I have been seeing someone for such a long time (laughs).

EDAILY: 5 years at 24? Congratulations! Share with eDaily readers your secret to keeping the fire burning

PHY: You have to be really serious with me and you really have to have your life together.

Watch the full interview below.

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