Holy Dave speaks on ‘Ushai Notice’ song that trended Monday; opens up about his PhD studies

Kenyan artiste Holy Dave, born David Muthengi, on Monday, January 16th, released a new song titled Ushai Notice, which trended on social media due to its lyrics that addresses several topical issues, including politics and governance.

The song which comes just seven months to the country’s general polls urges Kenyans to embrace unity and shun divisive agenda.

It also advises the electorate to vote in able leaders who would look into their welfare.

“Saa ingine me huskia kuleft but nakumbuka kuna hope left, aki Mungu admin saidia Kenya or at least what’s left,” raps Holy Dave in the song’s chorus.

Asked whether the song falls under the gospel category, he said: “Not exactly,” adding: “It focuses on enlightening the masses about what constitutes the right thing. If that is done, they will not just keep quiet and watch the country get immersed in malevolence.”

He further referred to ‘Ushai Notice’ as a civic education song that not only aims at educating the youth but also spreading a message of hope. Holy Dave, in his message, urges Kenyans with IDs to register as voters so as to exercise their democratic right.

Book-smart Holy Dave

Apart from music, Holy Dave is an investment analyst who is currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development at the University of Nairobi (UoN). He is in his Second Year of studies.

Holy Dave says regardless of one’s giftedness, education remains king.

“Education helps open one’s mind such that one he or she is employed, rising up the ranks would be easy. Talent is good, but it shouldn’t be one’s everything in life,” said Holy Dave.


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