Five stunts, confessions by artists that fooled Kenyans in 2016


Celebrities have been known to go to extreme measures just to make sure they are on the news.

Being irrelevant soon makes one discover that poverty is just around the corner.

Today we sample the most infamous stunts of 2016.

  1. Eric Omondi

Popular comedian Eric Omondi took Kenyans for a ride earlier in November when he and his Italian girlfriend, Chantal Grazioli staged a ‘break-up.’

The video which went viral as soon as it hit the internet, showed Chantal lashing out at Eric Omondi while on a date accusing Omondi of having an affair. In the video, Chantal is seen asking the comic star why he was sending airtime to a particular lady. Chantal then pours a glass of liquid at the comedian and walks away.

A few hours later, they went on to post ‘suggestive’ Instagram photos that may have asserted their break up with Chantal posting ‘Don’t be afraid to lose someone who doesn’t feel lucky to have you.’

Eric Omondi almost instantaneously replied on his own twitter account, saying ‘Love grows where trust is laid, and love dies when trust is betrayed.’

Reports later surfaced that the video was simply an implementation of an advertising script and that the couple’s relationship was not anything close to tepid.

“I would never ever fight an Italian. Don’t try it at home don’t do it,” Eric Omondi would later say.

  1. Bahati

Controversy-stricken gospel musician Bahati earlier in August threw social media into a buzz when he posted pictures of him getting ‘married.’

The wedding, which occurred on an unknown date was scheduled to be replayed on his Youtube Channel on Saturday August 13, with the hash tag Mapenzi.

Later, it emerged that Bahati was releasing photos of his brand new song Mapenzi – publicity stunt that prepared Kenyans for the song.

In September, Bahati sat on President Uhuru Kenyatta’s seat during the official launching of the Jubilee Party at Kasarani Stadium whilst singing an ode to First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, something that drew a lot of criticisms from sections of Kenyans.

In November, Bahati deleted all his Instagram photos before ‘apologising’ for failing the gospel industry. Bahati uploaded a collage photo of Nyanshinski, Sauti Sol and recently saved Collo on Instagram with the caption ‘What I expect this coming Groove Awards’. This sparked discussions in the gospel circles with musicians asking who appointed Bahati as the spokesperson of gospel musicians in Kenya. Sauti Sol’s Bien-Aime later slammed Bahati, accusing him of publicity stunts.

  1. Akothee

Kenyan musician Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, also took to her Instagram account with fake ‘wedding’ photos of her and her South African beau in July.

It emerged later that the photos were of behind the scenes shoot of her Yuko Moyoni music video.

Rumors had had it that Akothee tied the knot to her mzungu lover in a private wedding in South Africa.

Akothee’s official wedding had been slated for November 5, 2016. However, it was cancelled after the Give It To Me hit-maker differed sharply with her fiancé saying: “I come first. A man doesn’t give me conditions.”

  1. DNG

Kenya’s self-professed Number One hype man Davidson Ngubuini alias DNG stirred feathers online when he claimed he had divorced his wife, Yvette Nungari just one year after they tied the knot in a lavish invite-only wedding.

On an interview with Citizen TV’s #10Over10 show, DNG said, “For all those who are wondering, I am no longer married. I am divorced. I filed for divorce last year (2015)…” he said.

While DNG may have separated from his wife, he could not possibly be divorced – that is if he was married under Kenyan law.

Why, you ask? Well, according to the 2014 Marriage Act you cannot divorce someone until you have been married for three years.

  1. James Bond of Bungoma

Earlier in May, the country was thrown into hysterical limbo as a Boda boda rider from Bungoma hanged on to the chopper that was carrying the body of the late businessman Jacob Juma.

The pilot was flying away after the public viewing of Juma’s body which had been planned in the town was called off. It was then that the man was seen hanging on to the chopper.

The 41 year old Saleh Wanjala, a father of six, decided to jump off from the flying chopper and was rushed to hospital by a standby ambulance.

Speaking at his hospital bed, Wanjala explained that his leg got stuck on one of the skids, and that by the time he realised it and unhooked himeslef, the chopper had taken off together with him. The man said that he had no option but to try what he saw in one of James Bond’s movie series Octopus, by staying glued to the plane.

The explanation doesn’t sound convicting.

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