Bahati: State House is happy with me despite KOT backlash


Just what was Bahati thinking when he unseated President Uhuru Kenyatta during the Jubilee Party launch?

That’s the questions that many Kenyans have asked over the past week, especially after videos and photos of the ‘ breach of protocol’ went viral.

Speaking during Citizen TV’s popular late night show #10Over10, Bahati decided to set the record straight, saying “Mwananchi ni kujuchocha!”

“I was just trying to be real, sometimes feelings take over and I found I had already unseated the President,” said Bahati among cheering fans.

After receiving major back lash from a host of celebrities including celebrated gospel act Reuben Kigame for ‘disrespecting protocol’, Bahati was unfazed.

“We are all in a journey. Personally I don’t regret the mistakes I have made, I take them as a learning experience,” added Bahati.

The self proclaimed Ghetto President said Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) misread his intentions, stating that he never meant to disrespect the President in any way.

“State House was happy with my performance and they have even called me back,” said Bahati.

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