VIDEO: Man depressed after Kisumu witchdoctor cons him of Sh5 million


Authorities in Kisumu are looking for a witchdoctor who conned a former banker of Sh5 million.

Musa Osman also known by the nickname Ndumba Ndumba is a spiritualist who sweet-talked his victim into giving him money that amounted to Sh5 million.

“I was being prayed for because of my depression and hypertension. It was not a question of me losing money. I was only being prayed for. My spiritualist (Ndumba Ndumba) was praying for me,” the victim identified as Robert Ochieng’said.

Mr Ochieng’ says the suspect, whom he first heard about on radio, preyed on his vulnerability.

“My friend when you are in depression, you are not in your senses. When your pressure hits 200 or 180, you are not in your senses. The money was for him to pray for me to get well. Actually right now I am distressed,” added Ochieng’ before breaking down into tears.

Police officers raided Ndumba Ndumba’s home where they recovered Sh4 million. The suspect had managed to escape with another Sh1 million.

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