Drama in a school as couple fights over child custody

Drama unfolded at Morning Star Academy school in Kanyariri at Mbeere South in Embu County when a couple embroiled in custody legal battle of their daughter caused disruption at the school as they argued over who was to take the girl home for the mid team break.

The first to arrive at school was Catherine Wambeti, the mother of the 10 year old girl accompanied by family members and relatives and sought to be allowed to take home the girl.

Wambeti said she arrived at the school at around 6.30 am, but the school management was reluctant to surrender the girl, resulting in the commotion.

She alleged that she was assaulted by some teachers who were blocking her from taking the child.

Wambeti and her team are said to have caused a lot commotion forcing the school management to call the police.

She said that the school administration barred her from accessing the girl since a court order had been issued at the school only allowing the father to pick the girl.

At around 8.30 am Hezbon Sule, the girl’s father, arrived at school only to be confronted by his daughter’s mother and the team that had come with her.

Sule  said that the court had granted him orders to pick the girl during the midterm break for four days  and that why he was at school.

The school management denied both parents access to the child for fear of the girl’s safety and handed the child over to the police.

The two parents then went to court, with the father being allowed to take the child home for the midterm break.

The two are embroiled in the battle for the custody of the girl, with a court order barring both parents from removing the girl from the school until the case is heard and determined.


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