Man beats sister to death over marriage argument

A Pakistani man beat his teenage sister to death, smashing her skull with a large wooden stick, because he did not want her to marry her boyfriend.

Police said 19 year old Anum Masih was murdered by her brother 21 year old Saqib Masih, 21, on the evening of June 10.
“She wanted to marry, we didn’t agree on this wedding. We were arguing,” Saqib told CNN from a police cell in the city of Sialkot.
“She was my sister. I didn’t mean to kill her. I’ve been crying ever since. She was my sister.”
Yousuf Masih, the victim’s father, said that he was against the match because the two families were related.
“They started arguing. He hit her with the stick, he has no intention to kill her, ” the father told CNN.
“Things just got out of hand, he reacted in anger. In the end I guess it did become an issue of honor.”
He added that he filed the police report against his own son.

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