Shock as two men swap wives

Imagine this, your wife is having an affair with your friend, but instead of getting mad, you agree to exchange wives because you too have been having an affair with your friend’s wife.

Two close friends swapped wives in Sironko, Uganda after it emerged that they had each been sleeping with the other man’s wife.

The two swapped wives in Busati Village a bid to settle the long-standing strange extra marital affairs in Busati Village.

Over the weekend, the two, Steven Wesonga and David Woisi, agreed to exchange their wives in a public gala.

The two have reportedly been engaging in extramarital affairs with each other’s wives for long time.

Wesonga took on Ms Sarah Muduwa, a wife to Woisi, and Woisi in turn married Wesonga’s wife, Ms Annette Namataka.

Wesonga has five children with his former wife while Woisi has two children with his former wife.

A women councilor representing Busati parish in Bukise Sub County, Rose Manyanya, said the two made a right decision to follow their hearts instead of pretending.

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