Emmy Kosgei: Why my community refers to my husband as white man


Celebrated gospel musician Emmy Kosgei says members of her community have nicknamed her husband Apostle Anselm Madubuko “Birir (white man)due to Mr Madubuko’s skin.

Speaking to eDaily, Emmy said she has not yet been given a Nigerian nickname, unlike her husband who already has a Kalenjin name.

“Nigerians haven’t given me a name yet, but my community (Kalenjin) has christened my husband Birir. The name means “white man”. I think it is because of his skin tone,” Emmy said.

Emmy, a happy wife, says her husband “takes good care of me” and she would not trade him for anything.

The Ololo hit-maker says Apostle Madubuko has learnt a few Kalenjin and Swahili words.

She too, has learnt Nigeria’s Igbo: “I know little Igbo. Kedu is hi,” she says.

Expectedly as a traditional African wife, Emmy Kosgei knows how to cook – especially Nigerian delicacies.

“I have learnt to cook quite a number of Nigerian delicacies. I am still learning though. Nigerians can cook very well – and their food takes quite a process to prepare,” says Emmy.

And what does she miss most about Kenya when she is at her husband’s native land?

“I miss milk – mursik. I miss ugali. I miss mboga ya kienyeji.”

Marriage is beautiful, Emmy says. But she has a disclaimer: “you shouldn’t use one’s marriage scheme to evaluate or guide yours.”

“Marriage is an individual’s race. We all run different races. There’s nobody who would tell you today: this is how marriages should be because he or she pursued his own in a certain way. If a person’s marriage has failed, it does not mean all will fail. People marry for different reasons,” notes the singer.

“There are marriages that are working – you just have to get married for the right reasons. Don’t follow what people tell you because they may not have the ideal experience, wisdom to share.

“When God has blessed you with a husband or a wife and you know that they are somebody you love, they are what you want, you are comfortable with them, they know you…when you know each other and trust each other, then the love between you will conquer all,” affirms Emmy.

And what should we expect from the talented artiste? She recently released a new hit single Taai.

“I am working on my projects. I have a school that has 72 children. My concentration is that their lives get better and they progress with their education. The school enrolled KCPE candidates for the first time this year. I am looking forward to seeing them perform very well. I hope to be able to get more children and help them. Musically, hopefully by the end of the year I will be releasing my entire album.”

Emmy Kosgei and Apostle Madubuko have been married for close to three years now.

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