Man buried in sitting position

Imagine burying a loved one in a seated position in a cupboard like coffin. Well in Mutaho Village, Ikolomani constituency in Kakamega County, the descendants of King Nabongo Mumia of Wanga of Bashiutsula sub clan; who settled there from Mumias back in the day have buried one of their own that way.

They claim it is how they have always buried elderly men of 70 years and above and is a trend that was set by their forefathers.

It is believed that if the old man is not buried in a sitting position, then his house will not remain in order. The dead body is packed into the coffin at night and a pregnant woman or a woman close to delivering a baby is not allowed anywhere close.

To the family of Peter Gisienya, this is normal, but some of the locals in the neighborhood see it as something strange.

One of the ladies married into the family of the late Peter Gisienya stated that she was surprised the first time she saw a person being buried that way but after being in the family for sometime she is used to the situation.

Some of the old men related to the late and those from the clan also say that they expect to be buried the same way if they die at the age of 70.

They say it will be an honor to be buried that way. If one is not buried while seated then beliefs state that their spirit will come back.

The deceased is buried facing his house and the family will decide the choice of cloth. The late Peter Gisienya was 80 years old.


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