Tiwa Savage leaves her husband; singer reveals shocking details of a troubled marriage


Popular Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage and her husband Tee Billz have broken up.

Tiwa Savage confirmed her split from Tee Billz – her husband of three years – in an exclusive video interview with Pulse Nigeria on Friday, April 29.

Questions about the state of their marriage were raised after Tee Billz took to Instagram and launched a tirade – accusing Tiwa of infidelity and witchcraft among other vices.

In her defense, Tiwa Savage says Tee Billz was the one who cheated on her adding that he had stopped supporting the family financially.

Below is part of the interview transcript – courtesy of Pulse Nigeria:

PULSE: I remember very well 2 years ago we were all in Dubai for your wedding ceremony and yesterday was supposed to be your anniversary. I saw on Instagram you posted videos of you guys celebrating your new single which was trending yesterday, TJ wasn’t there. At what point did all these events started?

TIWA: My marriage and relationship has been very public and at one point I decided that I didn’t want to make it public…. In this case, I knew the anniversary was coming and I was either going to post or not, but the honest truth is that for the past two months, TJ and I have not been together.

It was something that we were trying to work through, but I knew that this marriage wasn’t going to work. It’s been like that for the past two months.

PULSE: Did he try to contact you on your anniversary?

TIWA: I haven’t spoken to TJ in about a week now; he had left the house… I have covered up for a lot of hurt in our relationship. I was in Jamaica recently and just before I went to Jamaica, I found out that I was pregnant again.

We both discussed it and tried to figure out how to manage the situation, because it was another baby so soon. So I went to London and got on a 10-hour flight to Jamaica to shoot a video with Busy Signal. But on the morning we were supposed to shoot the video, while I was doing my make-up, I started bleeding uncontrollably, so I started panicking and I called TJ.

I took pictures and sent it to him, they rushed me to the hospital, I had complications but I still couldn’t reach him, so Thompson who was with me, had to help me sign all the documents in the hospital. So I got discharged from the hospital and still tried to call TJ to let him know what happened because he didn’t call to see how I was or know what happened.

I got back to Nigeria and while we were sleeping, his phone was going off and it was middle of the night and I kept on seeing the name calling him ‘Edible Catering’. And it didn’t make sense because why would a catering company be calling my husband at that time of the night and yes as a woman, I picked up his phone and I went through his phone got into his WhatsApp and there’s this long conversation with this same ‘Edible’ number.

And I’m seeing stuff like ‘Can we meet at the hotel tonight’, ‘Do you live alone’, and ‘Is it ok if I come by’. The last message I saw was, ‘I had to leave at 7am today because you were still sleeping’. Then he responded saying, ‘Yea because you knocked me out last night, it was a great night’.

So obviously I woke him up and was like what’s going on, and he said to me, it’s not what I think. Then I asked if all these happened on our bed, then he said no it was at a hotel but nothing happened that they were just chilling.

The thing that hurt me the most was that this happened while I was in Jamaica in a hospital and I was sending him pictures but he didn’t bother to respond because he was chilling with another woman in a hotel room.

PULSE: Has he been cheating on you before now?

TIWA: I’ve covered up for so long because I wanted people to believe this story that TJ is the head of the house, he’s the one that takes care of me, a loving husband, I wanted people to believe that and I wanted him to feel like a man, so I covered up so many times.

Since my son has been born, TJ has not spent one naira. I paid for the hospital bills, I paid for his flight to come to London, I paid for the apartment we stayed for two months, the clothes, the nursery, the grocery. Even when we were in London we didn’t just go shopping for my son, we shopped for TJ as well so that when we come back to Nigeria he’ll have new things because his excuse most times is, ‘I don’t have money, I don’t have money…

So I try to pay for everything because I have to pay for everything, otherwise where would we be?

PULSE: Is it possible that you do everything for him but still don’t respect him as a husband?

TIWA: That’s a lie! I’m not going to sit here and lie to you that every time I come home I cook… and I’m not going to make excuses and say it’s because of my career that’s why I’m busy. I’m the same person that works and puts money in the house; I’m the same person that works long hours to make sure we have a roof over our heads.

PULSE: He also accused your mum of ‘witchcraft’?

TIWA: My mum is based in the UK and when I had Jamil (Tiwa’s son) she moved back to Nigeria with us. If anyone has ever met my mother, she’s not like that. She’s a sweet lady, she’s very British, so she doesn’t hang up on traditions and she doesn’t judge.

In fact a lot of times my mum will say to me, ‘Tiwa you are the wife, be patient, don’t shout, don’t curse, a woman builds the home.’

PULSE: How about his allegations that you slept with Don Jazzy, Dr Sid and 2face?

TIWA: I will say for the record, I have never cheated on my husband. Not with Don Jazzy, not with Dr Sid, not with 2face or anybody, and I am willing to take a lie detector test for that. And he knows it in his heart.

PULSE: So what do you think drove him to attempt suicide?

TIWA: I know that for any human being, when your finances are not straight, you’ll be depressed and be bothered. So I know that for a while, since he stopped working for me as my manager, he’s been struggling financially, but that wasn’t my fault.

I loved when we were working together and everybody loved us, but he messed up by starting to steal from me and being fraudulent, so I had no choice. I wanted to save my marriage by separating the business from the home, but TJ loves to keep up with the life, he wants to live a life that’s not true without a steady income.

He keeps on putting us in debt all the time. He goes out to the clubs with women, spend money on drinks, leaves without paying and the club owner would call me and I’ll end up going to pay.

Or should we talk about the fact that I walked in on him taking cocaine in my house when we were still leaving in 1004 then. It was just after we got married and I didn’t even know he does cocaine, only to walk into the kitchen and saw him snuffing. I screamed TJ!!! And he quickly hid it and he started screaming at me!

PULSE: Didn’t you see these coming before you got married?

TIWA: It’s a combination of everything; I didn’t know about the cocaine, I didn’t know about his third child in Nigeria apart from the two abroad that he tells everyone. I won’t say I didn’t see signs, even a lot of people warned me about the type of person TJ is, but I made a mistake and I’m not ashamed to say it at this point….

PULSE: Has he ever physically assaulted you?

TIWA: No, and I’ll never play that victim card. But it was a mentally abusive relationship because all I hear every day is how he made me, how he did this and that for me, I created you, I took you from nothing. He didn’t find me in a dustbin.

PULSE: What’s the status of the marriage now?

TIWA: It’s finally over. It’s been over for a while and I’ve covered up for a while. I think what happened is God sent because he’s made it easy for me to walk away because of what he did on social media.

Read the full interview on Pulse Nigeria.

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