North Korea bans western clothing and body piercing

Supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un, has banned western fashion such as wearing jeans and having piercings.

The ban mostly affects two major provinces of North Hamgyong and Yanggang.

Apparently, residents in these two provinces have easier access to information from the outside world as they border China.

According to The Telegram, an online publication, this ban was uncovered by citizen journalists at Rimjin-Gang, a North Korean news website supported by AsiaPress.

However, the journalists also pointed out that anyone who does not conform to the latest dress-code could be picked up by one of the many ‘inspection units’ who will be on the streets making sure that everything is going in the right way.

The inspection unit work is to target supposed capitalist tendencies such as length of skirts, the shape of shoes, T-shirts and even hairstyle.

The whole ban of the western fashion in North Hamgyong and Yanggang comes ahead of the country’s 7th congress of the workers’ party conference.

However, this ban does not come as a surprise to many as the citizens of North Korea especially the men had already been forced to wear regime approved hairstyles which were chosen from a state-sanctioned list of cuts.

The campaign was dubbed: “Let’s trim our hair in accordance with the socialist lifestyle.”


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