High School Nostalgia: Maseno School, where Nyamira Governor was told ‘he shouldn’t fall’

Nyagarama: Maseno School taught me something; the school’s alumnus must never fall! PHOTO/COURTESY

Nyamira County Governor John Nyagarama is an old boy of the oldest formal education school in Kenya – Maseno School.

The national school was established in 1906 by the missionaries of the Church Missionary Society (CMS) as a school for the children of African chiefs.

Mr Nyagarama joined the prestigious Maseno School in 1967.

The governor says he vividly remembers his stay at the top-performing secondary school.

“I enjoyed staying at Maseno School because students came from different tribes. If you are Luo, I would greet you ichiew nade (good morning), if you are Kamba I can ask you mwamukata (good morning), if you are Kisii I would greet you naki mwaboka (good morning). There were students from the Ameru, Kikuyu, and Abaluhya communities among others,” he told eDaily.

Mr Nyagarama says he was assigned a leadership position in Form One.

“As soon as I got there, I was nominated assistant house inspector. I don’t know why…probably they saw leadership attributes in me that early.”

“I acted as a house inspector from Form Two to Form Four – a position that not very many students held. It was a preserve for Form Three students; and they would drop it in Form Four once they enrolled for KCSE,” said the Nyamira County executive.

Boxed on the head

“I also tried to do a little bit of boxing, and someone boxed me too hard on my head; I saw stars and I thereafter stopped pursuing boxing ,” said Mr Nyagarama.

“I was also in drama. At one point I acted in Shakespearean literature; I can still recite my lines from 1967. We used to come to the Kenya National Theatre in Nairobi.”

Mr Nyagarama would later pursue his A-level at Kisii School.

“I would have continued with my Form Five and Six at Maseno School because I had scored a division one. Because I wanted to experience life out of Maseno, I enrolled for Form Five and Six at Kisii School for purposes of history. Kisii School was very famous.”

He, however, recounts one key lesson he received while at Maseno School.

“Maseno School taught me something: the school’s alumnus must never fall! The principal was called Boaz. He had a small sculpture that looked like a human being; it may have been plastic. That thing was centrifugal, but it couldn’t fall.”

“The mzungu would throw the statue on the table and say: ‘this is a Maseno boy; he shouldn’t fall.  He shouldn’t despair. Go out into the world, and never despair; be strong and of good character.’”


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