Jackie Chandiru to be hospitalized in the UK

Jackie Chandiru will soon be flown to the United Kingdom for further treatment, family PHOTO/COURTESY

Ugandan singer Jackie Chandiru will soon be flown to the United Kingdom for further treatment, family sources told Uganda Online.

Chandiru’s Dutch ex-husband Nol Van Vliet will offer financial assistance.

Jackie, who is currently admitted at a rehab facility in Bunamwaya, is battling drug addiction – a fight that has reduced the Gold digger star to a frail shadow of her previously voluptuous frame.

After her struggles with drug addiction sprang up, Jackie Chandiru was admitted to the Mulago Hospital for emergency treatment.

She was, thereafter, transferred to a rehabilitation centre along Entebbe-Kampala road in Kisubi for close supervision.

Jackie Chandiru was recently thrown out of her Bukasa apartment in Muyenga, Kampala because she can’t pay her rent.

Ms Chandiru’s relatives were staying in the house at the time of eviction. They were forced to clear the rent accrued on the property before they were allowed to move her belongings.

Jackie and her ex-lover Nol exchanged vows in May 2015, but before they could celebrate their first wedding anniversary, the union fell apart.

It is reported that Nol introduced Jackie to hard drugs and upon taking them; the pair would have protracted fights, leaving the former Blu 3 star depressed.

Matters became worse for the duo when Jackie suggested joining Nol in Netherlands; it was then that she was told her marriage to the Dutchman was a sham.

Ms Chandiru moved out of their matrimonial house to Muyenga where she was recently evicted.

Photos of a despondent Jackie Chandiru in rehab have since been circulating on social media, with fans expressing their sympathy for the singer.


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