Lady Jaydee writes a heartfelt message dedicated to Ray C

For some time now Rehema Chalamila, popularly known by her stage name, Ray C, has been making headlines in east Africa following reports that she had gone back to using hard drugs.

The feted singer, who fell from superstardom after getting hooked on hard drugs, refuted the claims vehemently.

Fellow Tanzanian diva, Lady Jaydee, has now added her voice to the online chatter.

The Yahaya singer posted a message of encouragement to Ray C, pointing out that everybody passes through difficult times in life.

“For all that you are going through (problems), may the Lord help you. May He give you the wisdom to handle all that comes your way,” she wrote.

Sharing a picture of them from the good old days, Lady Jaydee urged Ray C to make a comeback.

“People love you…, please come back,” she posted.

Ray C has been fighting drug addiction for the past three years.

In March, 2014 Ray C confessed that her ex-boyfriend Tanzanian rapper Lord Eyes introduced her to hard drugs.

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