10 things you did not know about Zari’s ex-husband Ivan Ssemwanga

Zari and Ivan in a past picture

This morning (Thursday, May 25), the world woke up to the sad news that Ivan Don Ssemwanga, ex-husband to Zari Hassan (Diamond Platnumz’s partner) and father of Zari’s three kids, is dead.

Ivan died at the Steve Biko Hospital in South Africa following a cardiac arrest that would see him hooked to the life support machine for twelve days before passing on.

Not much was known about Ivan beyond the fact that he was Zari’s ex, as he had kept a low profile prior to the break-up. eDaily now presents you with some of the things that you might not have known about Don.

He was a philanthropist

From the many tributes that close family, friends and celebrities have posted, Ivan was a philanthropist who loved to share his money with others and throw parties for his fans; everything in the house and complete with an open bar.

He was rich

You cannot give what you do not have right? Ivan was able to keep his philanthropy because he was wealthy. Up to his death, he was considered one of the richest people in Uganda. The president of Rich Gang was reportedly a billionaire and led a flashy lifestyle.

He has multiple liposuction procedures

Ivan was a bit on the plump side, a fact that he was not entirely comfortable with. As a result, he had multiple liposuction procedures to get his body in better shape.

He broke up with Zari in 2014

Ivan and his then-wife Zari went their separate ways in November, 2014. Zari had alleged, in a past interview, that battering by Ivan contributed to their failed marriage.

Zari claimed that Ivan would beat her up in the presence of their three sons.

Both Ivan and Zari were based in South Africa

Ivan and Zari lived in South Africa.

This could be reason why it had been speculated that he had sired Zari’s fourth and fifth children, Latiffah Dangote and Prince Nillan, whose DNA tests linked them to Diamond.

He still loved Zari

How do we know? He has never deleted his and Zari’s pictures together from his Instagram, even after she got married to crooner Diamond Platnumz and had two kids with him. While he has been tied to a string of women, none of the women ever saw the light of Ivan’s Instagram page.

He reportedly owned 25 companies or more

As per August 2015, Ivan reportedly owned 25 companies, or so.

He had said in an Instagram post that was captioned: “So hard to run 25 companies.”

He took soda and water in his last party

Ivan was known to be a man who loved his drink. One of his choice drinks was champagne and an array of other expensive wines and lagers. Yet on the very last party that he attended in Uganda, Ivan only took a carbonated drink and water.

Property wrangles

Even before his death, Ivan’s relatives and Zari reportedly engaged in exchanges inspired by their inability to agree on who was to take over as the proprietor of Ivan’s vast property.

He loved Gucci.

In his very last Instagram post, Ivan was seen donning Gucci wear. Not just that though, Ivan had been spotted enough times in a Gucci this or Gucci that.

He partied hard

Ivan was the life of the party. He lived for the party and threw so many of them. The most mentioned word in his life must have been party and his Instagram pictures are proof to that fact.






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