10 signs you are addicted to social media

Social media addiction

Life was so simple, then social media happened. Initially social media was good, but as is with everything that is good, social media is bad and it is as bad as it can get. It is like cocaine, the first sniff is just fine and you promise to be on the lookout, that you will not end up like other people. Before you know it, you are in so deep and you are always seeking that high. The problem is, sometimes you do not even know you are addicted to social media.

Here are the ten signs that you are already addicted to Social Media;

  1. Phone  first thing in the morning

If your phone is the last thing you touch before you sleep and the first thing you reach for in the morning, your social media addiction is just too serious.

2. Phones in loos

If the loo is as good a place as any other to scroll through your social media, there’s a huge problem.

3. Social media lingo

We all know those people who will say ‘lol’ instead of laughing at a joke and would rather say  ‘rolls eyes’ instead of actually rolling their eyes. Those are the people who should check into social media rehab asap.

4. Laziness

When you cannot get out of bed to have a shower or clean the house because you are scared you will fall behind in your group chat, your addiction knows no boundaries.

5. Depression

When you are constantly depressed because your friends seem to be having the time of their lives, going to posh places, their relationships seem perfect on social media, it is time to rethink whether you really want to be on social media. Same goes when you are constantly worried about likes and comments on your posts and pictures.

6. Stalk people into the middle of the night

Social media has given rise to some of the most accomplished stalkers of our time. If you are one of those people, you need a social media detox.

7. Referring to people with their social media names

When you refer to people as @rendo or at @realshinski and find that you cannot remember their names, that is a sure sign of addiction.

8. Finish conversation /dinner without phone

There are households that have banned social media during dinner because it takes away the family time. There are people who cannot sit through a twenty-minute dinner or conversation without whipping their phones out and chatting away.

9. Sleep late because you are on social media

Here is to Social Media Addiction 101.

10. If you agree with this and you are already rushing to share it on Whatsapp/Facebook


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