‘10 minutes separated mother’s phone call and daughter’s killing’


Christine Maonga, a teacher at Navakholo Secondary School, who was shot dead by her ex-lover on March 14, was, on Saturday March 23, laid to rest at her parents’ home at Khaunga Village in Navakholo Constituency, Kakamega County.

Christine’s mother, Rebecca Maonga, recounted the last conversation she had with her 24-year-old daughter before she was fatally shot by her ex-boyfriend, Patrick Nyapara, who is an AP officer in Kakamega County.

“I have lost a daughter I loved so much. I am hurting. [I remember] it was 7am [on March 14], when my daughter called me on phone. She told me: ‘Mum, this beast of a man is troubling my life. Please, stop him from disturbing me. I have learnt he has requested to be transferred to Mumias, where I have been posted [to teach]’.

“I told her: ‘My daughter, for now hold on a bit, just persevere; and after three weeks, you’d be in a position to leave for Mumias. Should he follow you there, he would have gone too far with his obsession, [and, therefore, we would seek legal intervention].’

“She told me: ‘Mum, I have heard you’. Ten minutes did not end before I received a phone call that my daughter had been shot dead by her ex-lover. I felt terribly bad, I couldn’t believe that my girl was no more. I collapsed due to the shock,” Rebecca told mourners, who had attended Christine’s burial.

Navakholo MP Emmanuel Wangwe, in his address at the function, urged Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Matiang’i to order occasional background check on police officers to avert incidents similar to what befell Christine.

Christine’s ex-lover, Patrick Nyapara, was arrested on the Kenya-Uganda border last Saturday as he attempted to sneak into the landlocked country.

The suspect was arraigned in a Kakamega court last Monday [March 18], and Principal Magistrate Bildad Ochieng ordered he remains in police custody for seven days to enable the investigating officers to bring to court the Ceska Pistol Number KEAPG 1411 in Nairobi for ballistic examination.

Nyapara allegedly shot Christine, a mother of one, two times in the chest following a quarrel they had had.






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