10 lecturers at Embu University in trouble over sex scandal


At least ten lecturers at Embu University are being investigated for claims of having sex with their students in exchange for “good” grades.

The institution’s Vice Chancellor, Prof. Daniel Mugendi, says some of the tutors and varsity staff even forced female students they impregnated into procuring abortions.

Prof. Mugendi says they have identified ten suspects, who are scheduled to appear before Embu University’s disciplinary committee.

The VC says each teaching and non-teaching staff at the university signed a code of conduct preventing them from engaging in sexual relations with students in the school.

Prof. Mugendi says some of the suspects threatened their victims with “dire consequences” should they disclose details of the lecturers’ unlawful activities.

“When you look at our students, some of them might look like potential wives and potential husbands. The rule is that you [university staff] cannot engage in a [romantic] relationship with our students,” the VC said Friday in a meeting attended by the university’s staff and students.

“Many of these students have also earned marks transmitted sexually. I would tell the university staff, if you want wives, go to Chuka, Kirinyaga or Murang’a universities; we won’t have any issues with you. But as long as it is our students, we have an obligation — as Embu University’s administration — to take care of them,” said Prof. Mugendi.

“I have at least ten [staff-student sexual relationship] cases that I am solving currently. Some of the male suspects even forced the students they impregnated into procuring abortions. They even threatened the learners against speaking out, warning them that if they do, they’ll get into a lot of trouble. And they [students] believe you because they think you have all the power now that you are working in this institution,” said Prof. Mugendi.

The VC urged students feeling harassed and coerced into sexual relationships with the university’s staff members to report the incidents to relevant administrators at the institution.

He also urged the complainants to collect as much evidence as they can before filing a formal complaint.


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