Accusations and counter-accusations made in Kiba’s child support case

Bongo flava star Alikiba was recently dragged into a custody battle with his former lover, Hadija Hassan.

According to Global publishers, Hadija Hassan told the public that she filed for custody of her child, claiming negligence by the bongo star.

In a radio interview that Alikiba conducted recently in Dar es saalam, the bongo sensation claimed that up to the day of the interview, he was not aware of any case purporting child negligence.

“The child is mine, the conflict between my ex-lover and I comes when my family and I want to spend time with my child. She (Hadija Hasaan) does not like it when I spend time with the child. It got to a point where the child would mention another man’s name as his father. My family and I do not understand why she denies me the chance to see my child, yet she has gone to court claiming I am an irresponsible man,” said Alikiba.

Alikiba also says that he wishes the court would know facts to Hassan’s claims, when hearing the case.

Hadija Hasan later on appeared in an exclusive interview with Ijumaa Wikienda.

Here she says, “I heard what Alikiba said about the case, most of what was said did not come from a truthful place. What Alikiba said later came to haunt me because many people (mostly Kiba’s fans) started insulting me.

Hadija Hassan added that she does not have any problem with Alikiba’s family. She claims she is only trying to fight for her child’s rights.

“I have no problem or any ill intentions with Alikiba’s family. I went to court solely because my child kept asking for his father and I had to fight for his rights. I have been silent for long; this fight with Alikiba started when the child was six months old.”

“I am very sober-minded, I would not go to court for no reason,” Said Hadija Hassan.

Claims of another man fathering Alikiba’s child started arising when the child mentioned another man’s name as his father and not Alikiba. However, Hadija Hassan claims that she is sure Kiba sired the child.

 “When my child was six months old, I (Hadija Hassan) was with a man who raised the child as his own.” “This man (Hadija Hassan’s lover) was always there for the child, which resulted to the child referring to him as his father.” Hadija Hassan said.

Since Hadija Hassan filed the court case, social media brawls have arisen between the two ex-lover’s fan clubs.

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