6 ways to avoid holiday weight gain

Christmas holiday is here, the season full of food temptation and indulging. It is that time of the year that is packed with a dose of holiday stress and is impossible to avoid parties with buffets of tasty food and drink.

Avoiding weight gain during this holiday is far from inevitable and once the extra weight is put on it’s difficult to lose the following year. But there are ways to avoid the trap.

Here are some tips on how to avoid holiday weight gain.

Mind what you eat

Holiday is full of food parties and feasts. Seeing yummy food all over can trigger the desire to eat even without hunger. It is advisable to only eat when you are physically hungry and stop when your body is satisfied. Avoid stuffing yourself with food or eating to clear what is on the plate. Practice self-discipline and self-care. Eat more fruits and vegetables, it is the easiest way to cut calories and still have the best of the holiday.

Limit alcohol intake

Some people say a party is not a party without alcohol. Well, that may be, but the alcohol content and quantity you take may be having negative effects on your body. Alcohol is high in calories which add up fast leading to unnecessary weight gain. It also lowers your inhibitions causing actions that you might end up overeating. If you have to drink, look for low cal alcohol and sip it slowly. Stay hydrated. Do not stay still at the party. Sing loudly, laugh and dance to help you stave off hangovers.

Avoid guilty and stress

Holidays are a challenging time and expecting perfection is just going to fail. With all the foods, routines and moments, it is easy to overdo it at one point or another. It is good to let go of guilty because it might spark off some stress. Overeating once won’t lead to excessive weight gain, just get back to track with some type of exercise. On the other hand, stress can lead to weight gain as you tend not to care of what you eat. You start overeating and taking a large intake of fats and sugar to soothe your mind. Avoid stress, have fun and enjoy the holiday.

Enjoy yourself

Remember the holidays comes once a year. So get the best out of it. Go out and hike, climb mountains, visit friends and relatives, go party, exercise and eat healthily. Enjoy to your fullest. Do not think of weight loss while having all this fun, I mean the time to think of that is coming. For now, have fun and dance to the rhythm.

Keep hydrated

Your body easily confuses being hungry and being thirsty. When you are dehydrated, you think you are hungry while all you needed is water. Have some water before eating to spur on less eating. Also staying hydrated while partying helps you take less alcohol and help tackle hangovers.

Maintain your weight

Holiday is not the best time to lose weight. With all the indulgence, as much as you try to keep fit, you can’t avoid adding some pounds. The best way is to stay consistent with your routine to help you maintain your current weight. Eat healthy, exercise, stay active, hydrate and practice self-care. Prioritize activities that will help you set a mood, reduce stress and engage you so that tempting treats (food) are out of your sight.

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